Paradise on Earth. That’s what is mostly know as and for a reason, it’s blessed with turquoise blue waters, white sandy beaches and exotic sea life. It has 115 coral and granite islands though there are 3 which are most visited. For every beach loving person, this country has to be on your to do list.

Perfect to bum around and/or explore exotic sea life. Want to do more? Go hiking in the lush preserved jungles full of exotic flora and fauna. Seychelles is so peaceful, no huge crowds which can also be because it’s by no means a cheap destination. Though there are many BNB type of accommodations, I would recommend staying in any of the stunning hotels who have totally made most of the gifts they have been given by nature.

Few things unique to Seychelles :

Bird island has the heaviest land tortoise, Esmeralda, weighing 670 pounds. Coco de Mer a rare species of palm trees produces the largest seed in the world weighing up to 33 pounds. Some of the rarest endemic birds which were at some point thought to be extinct are found here, like the bare legged Scoops owl.

Whichever island ( or all ) of Seychelles you decide to stay in, sounds of the sea will drown your thoughts, calm your mind, and that state will stay for your entire trip. Once you immerse yourself in the beauty and peace around, your breath actually synchronizes with the sound of the waves.


Largest of the 3 most frequented ones, but still small enough to drive around in 3 hours. It’s gateway to the other islands which are then a short flight or ferry ride away.

Fisherman’s Cove. With this TV, would never want Netflix

Touristy :

Capital city of Victoria, it has small shops from where you can buy souvenirs. Eden Island is another place you can visit, it’s got man made beaches and cafes with some non-exciting shopping. Beau Vallon for motorized water sports, and it has some nice hotels along the beach as well. Baobob at one end of the Beau Vallon beach is a great place for pizza and good vibes. Cerf Island is good for snorkeling but it’s privately owned so you have to stay there to snorkel.

Beau Vallon Beach

Mahe would be a good place to take island tours/ snorkelling tours from, there are many tour companies offering various combinations and time durations to choose from. You can visit Morne Seychellois National Park for activities and hiking trails and best views of the island. I went for too short a trip to take any tour, or maybe was just enjoying bumming around so much, that I failed to stir myself.

Relax :

Anse Soleil, with calm waters for swimming, and a small cafe .

Anse Soleil

Would highly recommend staying at Four Seasons Hotel. If you do stay there try to get Villa 505, it has an amazing view.

They have private snorkeling sessions for a nominal fee which goes into conservation of corals. They do their own coral harvesting. #fourseasonsseychelles

Four Seasons, Mahe, convinced …. hotel is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow .
Snorkeling @ Four Seasons, Mahe


The second  biggest island, I took a flight from Mahe and that itself was an experience, not just a mode of transportation. It’s a 15 minute flight on a 15 seat aircraft, the aircraft flies very low, so low that you feel you could maybe reach out and touch the beautiful emerald water. Travel as light as possible. Another way to reach Praslin would be a 50 minute ferry. Once there best way to get around would be to rent a bicycle. 

Flight to Praslin, 15 view struck minutes

Touristy :

A must see is Vallee de Mai nature reserve, it’s a UNESCO world heritage site, also known as garden of Eden. Apart from exotic plants, it’s got Coco de Mer palm. This tree produces the world’s largest seed and flower and has many stories attached to it, which are fascinating (maybe google them to make the trip more interesting before visiting the reserve) 

Curieuse Island/  St. Pierre for snorkelling.

Italian food @ Ristorante de luca Gelateria, Pizzeria du Berjaya. It’s on the beach, great ambience and good food. Other good places would be Coco Rouge, Les Rochers, La Pirogue.

Relax :

Anse Lazio, voted as one of the best beaches in the world, and I want to add my amateur vote as well. It’s got beautiful soft white sand and turquoise blue water. There is only 1 shack which serves food till 6PM and is almost on the beach. There are more but not on the beach, food is not allowed on the beach. To reach here by public transportation there is a bus but it’s a long steep walk to the beach from the bus stop. Another beach option is  Cote d’ Or.

Anse Lazio


The day spent here would be one of my best holiday days till date. I would recommend this as a day trip rather than staying here unless you are on your honeymoon ( or honeymoon frame of mind ) 15 minutes from Praslin by ferry. From the ferry terminal itself you can rent a bicycle at approx. USD 4 per seat. They have cycles with extra balance wheels and tandem ones for the perfect couple activity to do..

Make unforgettable memories while having great fun, keep in mind if you are not staying here last ferry back is at 6:15..

La Dique ,: White sand, blue water, peace within.
Cycling around La Dique


Anse Source d’argent ….. The most photographed beach in the world, Soft white sand, warm blue water, natural beauty of the granitic rocks,  palm trees for shade, some shacks that sell cocktails, this beach checks all the boxes. They have an entry charge of approx. USD 4 per person.

Take lots of pictures here for assured increase of Instagram followers. Mission accomplished? There is more to do. Kayak with Crystal Water Kayaks, you can reach them on Facebook and Instagram. They take you island hopping to secret secluded beaches and end it with a fun activity.

Cycle around the island, it’s great fun and with very few cars around it’s very safe. There is another beach Anse Severe. I did not visit this one, it’s said to be less crowded with tortoises roaming around. While cycling around the island look out for Bikini Bottom, it’s a shack that sells fruit smoothies and milkshakes. Yummmmy and refreshing.

Kayaking with Crystal water Kayaks
Look out for this sign for Bikini Bottom as well as to check out how far you are from your country

Tips: Keep hard copy of hotel reservation and return ticket for faster immigration. Better to buy ferry tickets in advance, lots of self catering options in Praslin and La dique for cost conscious people. Keep cash Euro to change into local currency. Many ATMS do not have EURO. Most places accept EURO but they will convert at their rates which is high.

“Take only memories, leave only footprints.” – Chief Seattle


Published by Sapna Rateria

Hi! I’m Sapna, I live in Mumbai, India. I guess what started me from writing this blog was seeing 911 everywhere, ( seems it’s called synchronicity ) I was like OMG there is some misfortune just waiting to happen to me, I turned to my best advisor Mr. Google and what he told me was not bad…..let go of your past and pursue your passion, your guardian angel will see you through, so here I am encouraged by the unseen forces to follow my heart and write about what I love most…travelling. I have been travelling every opportunity I get from last 15 years, have been to 35 countries and hope to experience as many as possible before I hang up my boots. Every part of my travel I love, from packing bags to the airport sights and smells, even what people hate most airline food.( sounds crazy ? ) Over here I must confess that may be because I try to travel only club class. Hope it inspires all those who do reach this page to go out and see the places they have heard about, cause it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times ( Asian proverb )

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  1. Was truly mesmerised reading all about Seychelles . Felt like picking up my bag and just letting go . Lovely clear waters .
    Looking forward to more from you .

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  2. Lovely write up supported by even more alluring pictures. Loved the natural photo frame picture and ur family pics !!! Uve motivated me to visit this place for sure 🥰

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  3. Beautifully penned down your experience ..and yes I love the airline food too(I guess that’s the only thing I like about flying.:p…hmm)you look so beautiful with that breath taking view behind 😀

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